How to sell on DeckTutor


Configure at least a method to receive the payments of the goods you sell.

To do so, click on "MyTutor" on the top right menu and then "Seller settings".


To list a single card click on "Sell" and then "Single card".

Search our database for the card you want to sell by typing the name and/or choosing the expansion set.


Fill in all the details about the item you want to sell. "Lot" means an indivisible group of cards you wish to sell together, as in 4x for a playset. The fields quantity and price refer to the total cards in the lot (for example if you fill in 2 in the quantity field and 4x in the lot, you are selling 8 cards in total).

Pay special attention to the fields language and condition, which are often a cause of complaint when incorrect. Please check our grading standard for cards.


When someone purchases your items you'll receive a notification email, and you'll find the order in the "MyTutor" section. Some payment methods require you to manually verify that the money arrived, such as wire transfer.

If the buyer asked you for a customized shipping, enter the cost you previously agreed with him.

Use the message box inside the order panel to communicate with the other user.


Once you received the payment, ship the item or items to the address indicated, and pay close attention to the packaging as explained in the shipping guide. Indicate that the shipment is done clicking the "Shipped" button.

For tracked shippings you'll be asked for the tracking information.