How to buy on DeckTutor


Write on the search bar to find the items you want to purchase.


Check carefully the information on the listing.

State of the item, shipping costs, accepted payment methods, and especially, the seller's feedback.


Check and confirm your purchase.

Warning: By confirming the purchase, you declare the will of buying the item through a legally binding contract with the seller.

The cancellation of the order is permitted only in exceptional cases and only in agreement with the seller.


In the "My Tutor" area you can choose the payment method and the kind of shipping you prefer.

Choose wisely whether you want a tracked or not tracked shipping method: the risk of loss for not tracked shippings is exclusively yours.


Pay by using the chosen payment method, then mark the payment as done by clicking the button "Paid". If you are paying using PayPal, this procedure is automatic. With any other method the payment has to be done manually.

The information required to do the payment (such as the IBAN code in case of wire transfers) is visible by clicking "Details".


As you receive the object, leave a feedback to share with the other users your experience with this seller.