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Welcome to DeckTutor.

To become a DeckTutor’s user, you must read and accept all “Terms and conditions” included in this User Agreement, the Privacy Policy and other rules of the site.

It’s recommended a careful reading of all information concerning the rules of the site.


Rules for using DeckTutor

Using DeckTutor includes:

  • The possibility to have only one account;
  • The prohibition to publish contents and articles in a wrong category or section (or through our services);
  • The prohibition of violating the law or the rights of others;
  • The possibility to use DeckTutor (or our services) only if you have the ability to act and stipulate legally binding contracts, if you have more than 18 years and are not suspended from the use of the site;
  • The obligation to pay for items purchased, unless the seller has substantially modified the advert after your bid or it’s been made an obvious mistake;
  • The obligation to finalize an order in maximum 4 days and to complete the payment in maximux 7 days;
  • The obligation to deliver sold items, unless the buyer fails to comply with the conditions published in your listing;
  • The prohibition to bypass or manipulate the structure of tariffs, the processing of invoices or charges due to DeckTutor;
  • The prohibition to publish false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory or libelous (including personal information)data;
  • The prohibition of using the feedback system in a wrong way, for example for extortion or threat;
  • The prohibition to use or publish spam messages, chains or pyramid selling schemes;
  • The prohibition of spreading viruses or any other technology designed to damage DeckTutor or the interests or property rights of DeckTutor’s users;
  • The prohibition to copy, edit or disclose the contents of the website or intellectual property rights and trademarks of DeckTutor;
  • The prohibition of copying manually or automatically or in any way information about users, including email addresses, without their consent;
  • The prohibition of actions that can overload our system or use mechanisms, software or procedures that may interfere with the proper functioning of our site;
  • The prohibition of publishing your personal information to obtain a direct contact with the buyer to avoid paying tariffs.


Abuse of DeckTutor

  1. DeckTutor aims to create a virtual community. We invite you to report any problems, misuse of the site or fraudulent activity in violation of the rules.
  2. DeckTutor may, at its sole discretion, restrict, suspend or terminate the account of users that have taken actions that could lead to problems, legal liability, or that are contrary to its rules.
  3. DeckTutor also reserves the right to cancel unconfirmed accounts or accounts that result inactive for a long time.


Fees and services

  1. Each sale occurred on the site involves the payment, by the seller, of a fee which is the 5% on each single item( rounded up at eurocent ) of the final selling price;
  2. DeckTutor has the right to modify, temporarily or permanently, the charges for any special promotions, without reason or notice. Users may accept or not these modifications in a period of 15 days. After this period, modifications will be considered accepted.
  3. DeckTutor has also the option of charging different fees to particular users at its own discretion.
  4. Each user is required to pay all fees and applicable taxes, related to the use of our site and our services in a timely manner and with a valid payment method.
  5. If the payment method used by the user fails, or payment terms have expired, we reserve the right to use other procedures to collect the fees due (including the charge through other payment methods, the use of company debt recovery and legal advisors).
  6. The payment must be done mandatory within the 15th day in the month following the sale.


Content Listing

  1. When providing contents to DeckTutor, you grant it a perpetual, irrevocable, without territorial limits, free, transferable, right of publication and data storage of these contents.
  2. To help sellers, DeckTutor provides a database of images.
  3. DeckTutor will try to provide reliable data, but cannot guarantees database’s update at any time.
  4. DeckTutor is not responsible for inaccuracies in the database.


Limitation of Liability

  1. You exempt DeckTutor from any liability related to contents, activity or inactivity, or arising from items listed by other users.
  2. DeckTutor has no role in transactions between users as a result of their activities on the site. DeckTutor has no control or responsibility for the quality, safety, legality of items advertised as well as the veracity and accuracy of the information provided by users during registration.
  3. The completion of the purchase agreement, and in particular the payment and shipping of objects, is confined solely to private users. DeckTutor should not be held responsible for any attempt of fraud, non-payment or opportunistic behavior that may arise.
  4. DeckTutor does not transfer the ownership of objects from the seller to the buyer.
  5. DeckTutor and its users act in full autonomy and independence. This Agreement does not create between them any partnership, agency, association, intermediation or employment;
  6. DeckTutor does not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted access to the site and its services, which may be influenced by factors out of its control.


System outages

It may happen that, for reasons not attributable to DeckTutor (or for site maintenance), could not be possible to bid or find items by searching.

In case of unavailability of the system for reasons not attributable to DeckTutor, all listings that expire during that period will be extended by 24 hours on. In this way the seller will not be penalized.


Trusted sellers

DeckTutor can mark some users as "Trusted Sellers".This privilege is confer to sellers whose reliability is known and verified on other sites and sellers who is  in direct contact with the staff.

There is not a specific procedure to become a "Trusted seller". The only way is by getting a concession from DeckTutor's staff.

DeckTutor, however, doesn't assume any liability for this sellers' behaviour or transactions.


By accepting this Agreement, users exempt DeckTutor from any responsibility arising from the infraction of the conditions contained in it, the obligations of law and the right of third parties.



DeckTutor is a property of Michele Pinton headquartered in Via Cornara 20, Borgoricco (PD), Italy.

If any condition of this Agreement results to be invalid or ineffective, any invalidity or ineffectiveness shall not be extended to the remaining contractual terms.

The entire regulation can be subject to revision at discretion of DeckTutor.

These changes will be valid 14 days after the date of publication on the site, where they will be highlighted in the spaces provided, clearly visible to all users.

If you do not agree with the modifications to this regulation, you can dismiss the Agreement requiring the termination of your account.

The validity of all the conditions contained in this Agreement it’s extended even after the termination of it or part of it.